What People are Saying about Raeshal and the My Little Banker Series

Janelle Douglas

“Raeshal is an absolutely phenomenal speaker. She facilitated a budgeting session for teens at our Financially Fit Empowerment Workshop that was not short of amazing. She brings wit and humor that keeps the kids interested but also a wealth of knowledge. She encourages them to think for themselves and to start planning for the life that they want right now. Her passion is admirable and her willingness to share her personal story is truly engaging.”

Benir Pierre

“Raeshal is phenomenal. The training she did for my membership group was age appropriate, comprehensive, engaging and informative. I can’t wait to read the My Little Banker Series and I don’t even have kids!”

Lavette Minn

“The Family Brand Movement invited Raeshal Solomon to speak and teach the kids stock terms and she did such a great job. She was able to take such a complex topic and simplify it to where the kids had a solid understanding of how stock investments work. We look forward to working with her again in the near future as we plan on inviting her back to teach at a few more of our youth empowerment workshops.”

Michelle Moore

“Fantastic story written about Raeshal Solomon. She took Writing with Purpose and has now written and released two books with many more coming! She spoke at the writer’s conference I held this past January and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. What this story doesn’t share – she wrote those two books without a computer! She used only her phone. It was all she had. Amazing! So proud of her! xoxo”

Brandye Goudelua

“The My Little Banker books are an excellent concept helping young minds understand the importance of finances! Raeshal’s stories and characters are easy for “little bankers” to understand and read and the colorful graphics make it interesting for them to keep on reading. I highly recommend these books for all young children to begin learning this important part of life early!”

Shannon Griffin

“Meeting Raeshal has been a value add to me. She laid back, but fun personality has transcended through her love for learning, teaching and just enjoy life. I have no doubt that she will excel to great heights in her business and keep me as her sidekick.”