Inexpensive Ways to Keep My Children Active for the Summer

I find myself taking them to more movies, indoor activity parks and spending more money. Now that we have some sun I am ready for us to enjoy it as a family.

Photo by: Denise Reed

Today is 75 degrees, and I quickly realized this was perfect weather to take the boys to the park. As a single-parent, I am often busy with this or that. Now that the nicer weather had returned, it was time to enjoy it in an inexpensive way. My boys spend a lot of time watching TV and playing on they tablets this winter. I admit I do worry they don’t get enough exercise in the colder months, but I enjoy the quiet time I get when they are watching the tablet. I find myself taking them to more movies, indoor activity parks and spending more money. Now that we have some sun I am ready for us to enjoy it as a family.

Go to the Park

A park is a great place for the kiddos to run around and for you to catch up on reading your reading. If you can be like me and ran with your child all over the park that’s Great too. They love it, and it creates memories. For most people being in the Sun is a good thing. You get your vitamin D and a little tanned. On a clear but windy day kites are so much fun as well.

Ride Bikes

Find a greenway near your home is an excellent idea. You and your child can explore the wild together. Find little creatures hid under a rock. Ride your bikes to the new location and explore your city. While all the time you are burning calories and having fun.

Go to the beach or pool

Swimming is a great free way to cool off in that hot sun. There is nothing like building a sand castle at the beach. Playing Marco Polo in the pool is always fun. Racing through the sand to the cold ocean water is a joy. I can remember taking pictures of the boys every time we go to the beach and pool.

Play outside games

I’m always ready for a game of find and seek with the kiddos. A cold glass of lemonade never touched better than after running a couple of miles with the kids trying to find the with right tree base. We have chalk to write all over the sidewalks. We draw funny pictures and play tic tac toe. Sometimes we just blow bubbles for a few minutes.


Do you remind your childhood where you were playing games with your parents? That was the best part of the summer. And you always leave with great stories about the summer, family, and game. Why not repeat these same reminders with your children for the summer? I can remember being a child and my family playing kickball in the front yard. It was always a burst. I would try to kick the ball far, but I would always fell short.

A little more

All I’m saying is that spring and summertime can be a time of fun moments with wonderful memory creating opportunity. A lot of the thing in this article are outdoor activities but there are a lot of indoor thigs to do as well. Most local museums and aquariums have discounted and free days for kids in the summer. The libraries have summer reading programs, and the movie theaters have $1 movie days.


  1. I love these suggestions! Another thing we used to do with our nephews it to “build” something. For example, we would buy all the supplies we needed to pot some herbs and watch them grow. Everything was mini sized so it was not overwhelming for them. It was fun!

    1. Author

      I love that idea. Think we will add that to the list of fun. Thanks

  2. I don’t have kids, but I feel like this is a great list for anyone over the summer!

  3. I always loved the park and the pool growing up…inexpensive, and so much fun! We used to pick a new park every week!

    1. Author

      Picking a new a week is a very good idea it adds varies and excitement to the day. Thanks

  4. I love this! The best memories as a kid were always the ones outside. Also, your son is adorable!

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